~ MinSocWA Mineral Show & Market Day | Dec 2020 ~ 

In the days leading up to the MinSocWA Mineral Show & Market Day, there was a real buzz of excitement in our workshop. We were working tirelessly to get our Gold in Quartz micro-mount collection ready for debut at this MinSocWA event.

For those of you who attended the Mineral Show on Sunday, you were one of the first groups to see this unique collection. In addition to our Gold in Quartz pieces, we also showcased other locally sourced minerals, gemstones, and gem rough at the market. And of course, some overseas specimens were thrown in the mix too.

Australian Gold in Quartz rough   MinSocWA Mineral Market.Gold in Quartz  MinSocWA Mineral Market.Gold in Quartz

I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone on the organising committee of the Mineralogical Society of W.A. for hosting this Mineral Fair at the Rivervale Clubrooms. Also, a special thank you to friends, acquaintances and customers (young and young-at-heart) who visited us at the Fair.

Not surprisingly, our topic of conversation centred around the prevailing CV-19 virus and its impact on individuals and communities around the globe. Our lives have been altered since this pandemic started. Now that the covid19 vaccines are being rolled out worldwide, we remain hopeful that our lives will be able to return to some sort of normalcy.

About MinSocWA

The State Mineralogical Societies of Australia (also known as MinSocs) foster the appreciation and study of minerals and mineralogy. Its members include geologists, mineralogists, mineral collectors, lapidarists and anyone with an interest in minerals. Their mission is to encourage mineralogical study by amateurs and professionals alike.

Desert Fire Designs is a member of the Mineralogical Society of WA, Inc. (or MinSocWA). In addition to organising regular meetings, they also facilitate activities such as mineral talks, field trips, mineral markets, auctions, microscope sessions and more.

MinSocWA Mineral Show Information

The MinSocWA Mineral Market will be held at:

  • Venue: The WA Lapidary and Rock Hunting Club
  • Address: 31 Gladstone Road, Rivervale, Western Australia
  • Date: Sunday, 6th December 2020
  • Time: 10am – 3pm
  • Entry Fee: Adult = $2 ;  (free entry for 12 years or under)