~ Gem faceting video | Filming project for WA Museum (Boola Bardip) ~

The concept for the film

Western Australian Museum curator of Minerals, Dr. Peter Downes, proposed for a video to be featured in the “Origins – Land, Water, Sky” exhibit of the Museum.⁠ The concept of the video is to relay what motivates a lapidarist to practice their craft, a journey shared rather than explained. This idea gained the support of the group that designed the new mineral/gem gallery.

Upon deciding to run with this idea, WA Museum enlisted a film crew from Sandbox Productions. The brief was to compile a short video on gem faceting. We set a date for filming to take place at our Desert Fire Designs workshop in early 2020.

Filming day | Gem faceting video

The day finally approached. Before the camera started rolling, the videography crew and I reviewed the production brief again. They were very professional, relaxed, and down-to-earth which helped to settle some of my nerves. Constantly reviewing oneself on a screen, even a little one, is a blunt reminder of many things – most of them too personal to share. However, as my lovely partner, Emma reminds me, I survived.

Nerves aside, I am incredibly honoured to be able to share and contribute some of my knowledge to the world of geology and gemmology. Participating in this film project has been a great and rewarding experience.

Gem faceting video for WA Museum6  gem faceting video for wa museum7  gem faceting video for wa museum8

My gem faceting video debut at W.A. Museum

The new WA Museum named ‘Boola Bardip‘, took 5 years to construct and is an architectural wonder! It’s an amalgamation of a whole block of the old North Perth City precinct with an overarching 5 story construction. ⁠Boola Bardip means many stories in Whadjuk Nyoongar; the Country on which the Museum sits.

I highly recommend you check out the museum if you haven’t already done so. With so ‘many stories’ (pun intended), artifacts, and displays housed in this impressive building, you’ll easily spend a full day there.

In regards to my gem faceting video debut at the museum, make your way to Level 2 – “Origins” exhibit. Towards the rear, you will find the rock and mineral specimens originating from our wondrous West Australian geological landscape. There is a TV screen located here which shows my gem faceting video.

If you would like to watch an excerpt of the video, click here to go to our Instagram post.