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Gold in Ironstone

Bronzewing area. WA


A prospector showed me a fair-sized piece of Eastern goldfields ironstone/quartz in the mid 2000’s. Towards the base of this sawn rock was a slash of all gold native metal. As we didn’t know how far it penetrated into the piece, it was going to be a gamble if it came off.


I enjoyed every anxious moment of sawing it and working it into some of the items you see here now. There were less than ten pieces in the end and they have all been a complete pleasure to work with. The native metal has been lightly glass bead finished to bring out the superlative colour of the metal.




Here we have sawn light pink/white quartz with a beautiful, light webbing of native gold running throughout. I have worked many such specimens since my early prospecting years in WA and it is not normal to find in a natural specimen such a fine balance of gold and quartz. Currently in stock pieces ranging from 1.8 gms to 18.2 gms.


The original specimen was detected in 1985 around the Eucalyptus area, on Yundamindera Station, north of Kalgoorlie.