Mixed chalcedony with matrix inclusions

Mixed chalcedony with matrix inclusions

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A mixed chalcedony with iron rich, matrix inclusions fashioned as a freeform tablet cut.

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Cut in the freeform tablet style (front and back parallel) with a fine bevelled edge, this shape calculated to frame the inclusions of the iron rich matrix within a vari-coloured chalcedony. The rough material for this suite of gems is sourced from the deserts of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. 

This vari-coloured chalcedony takes a good polish that is unimpeded by the dendritic inclusions.  Open fissures are a normal feature of this gem material and have been there since formation of the gem rough. Other ‘naturals’ (e.g. colour zoning and matrix, raw edges) are left to present authenticity to the product as a whole, and in part reflect the provenance of the gem rough.

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Weight6.1 g
Dimensions34 × 19 × 6 mm


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