Desert Fire Designs | Goethite inclusions within quartz.
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Goethite inclusions within quartz.

Goethite inclusions within quartz.


Such a difficult material to source these days. This gem is the first of a series that I will be cutting from a very small parcel of rough acquired late last year. I have always been intrigued by the pine-tree like form and clustering of the golden goethite inclusions.

Dimensions:   33 x 24.3 mm.

Weight: 8 gms.

In stock

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Recently a friend re-introduced this material to me. The rough I had worked previously had presented well enough in varying shades of yellows and browns but this blazed with rich browns, yellows and beautiful golden tones. When cut with a transparent, rich silica (quartz) vein at the back it presents exceptionally vibrant gems, it fairly looks like gold.

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